Danger is a gameplay mechanic in Kaijumon used to determinate their danger levels. This mechanic was inspired by the movie Pacific Rim'.


At the beginning of the game, Professor Honda will give you the Kaijudex and explain how it works. One of the features is the Danger level of each Kaiju. A level 0 Kaiju is often used for techonologically created beasts that aren't really a threat, a level 1 Kaiju is used for small beasts that represents a small threat, a level 2 Kaiju is used for most of the beats and represents a big threat, a level 3 Kaiju represents an above-high threat and a level 4 Kaiju is a "beast to be slayed within minutes because it represents a gigantic threat and it cannot be tamed".

In gameplay, those levels represents the chances of capturing a beast, a level 0 Kaiju has a 75% Catch Chance, a level 1 Kaiju has 60% Catch Chance, a level 2 Kaiju has a 45% Catch Chance, a level 3 Kaiju has 15% Catch Chance and a Level 4 Kaiju has a 0.1% catch chance.

Players will also meet with Level Unknown Kaiju, those Kaiju has a randomized catch chance, each turn they change, example when fighting a Level Unknown Kaiju at the first turn, there are five possibilites of a catch chance: 15%, 25%, 32%, 68% or even 99%, at the second turn the numbers will change, increasing more five possibilites at each turn. If it reaches at turn 20, then the chances immediatly decreases to 0%.

This also has an effect in battles, a Kaiju with a higher threat level has a bigger chance of winning the battle (but that doesn't means they will always win the battles). This also has effects on abilities, depending of the ability.


Level 0 Danger Kaiju

Level 1 Danger Kaiju

Level 2 Danger Kaiju

Level 3 Danger Kaiju

Level 4 Danger Kaiju

Level Unknown Danger Kaiju

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