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Storyline: Makoto Naegi

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Makoto Naegi - Danganronpa
Makoto Naegi
Ultimate Good Luck
Danganronpa Remix - Hope&#039;s Peak symbol

Makoto Naegi's Storyline is one of the three stories featured within Danganronpa Remix: Sakidō. The story follows Makoto Naegi during his time as a contestant in Hope's Peak Academy's game of mutual killing.

Aoi Asahina, Kyoko Kirigiri, Sayaka Maizono, Ibuki Mioda, Makoto Naegi, Kazuichi Soda, Gundham Tanaka and Byakuya Togami are the survivors of this storyline.


Upon gaining entry into Hope's Peak Academy via random lottery, Makoto Naegi was knocked out upon entry, waking up in a strange classroom with iron plates covering the windows. After finding a brochure advertising a welcoming ceremony in the school's gymnasium, he travels there where he meets the other students of Hope's Peak, as well as the small pink animal claiming to be their teacher: Usami. After introductions, the school's headmaster, a black and white bear known as Monokuma, appears and explains to them their purpose in the school and how it works: kill each other to graduate.

The students decide to try and find an escape route, despite all of them knowing, deep in their guts, that there is no escaping their High School Life of Despair.

High School of Despair

Chapter 1: Some Real Bad Mojo

After a few days of investigating the school's first floor in an attempt to find an escape route, they decide to instead just hang out and get to know each other better. As Makoto interacts with the other students, he begins to feel sick and eventually ends up bed-ridden.

The day Makoto gets better and out of bed, first murder occurs: Yasuhiro Hagakure. Though found by Sayaka Maizono in the cafeteria, Makoto is the prime suspect. Forced to find a way to claim his innocence, he investigates the body. When the Class Trial comes, Makoto fights to save himself and his friends.

Hiro must have known his death was coming. After all, he is the Ultimate Clairvoyant.
Makoto Naegi

Field Trip of Hope


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