Millenium Warlords Eve
Evette Mintgate:
Must we really....kill o-one another?

Monokuma - Danganronpa
Unless you want to rot here forever, then YES! But even if you do, I'll probably give you some motive time to time to make you change your minds!

DR4 Alex Von Karma
Alex von Karma:
Well....this place just got interesting.

DR4 Marina Kasuga
Marina Kasuga:
INTERESTING? Are you insane? Do you realize we're trapped here with no escape?!

Brandon Warlow:
You're probably planning on killing someone already.

Asher Kabuto:
You.... You can't be serious! If any of you touch my sister, I swear!

Monokuma - Danganronpa
Aw, how cute! All he wants to do is protect his family! Blegh, you make me sick!

All the surrounding commotion begins to fade into one. Is this really possible? 

Millenium Warlords Dark
Aza (Thinking):
We're...trapped? We have to... kill each other? Is this... really happening?

Taylor TRoD
Taylor O'Donnell:
Wake up, Taylor. Wake up, Taylor. Wake up-

Monokuma - Danganronpa
Ah, yes. It usually takes a day or two for the shock to fade away.

Crimsina Flexina (DR4)
Crimsina Fandor:
I-I-I'll crush you!

Monokuma - Danganronpa
Be careful, violence against the headmaster is punishable by an extreme penalty.

DR4 Kyo Tsukino
Kyo Tsukino:
I'm assuming the penalty is....death...

Monokuma - Danganronpa
Bingo! Now let the killing begin!

Before anyone can say anything, Monokuma ejects through a secret elevator in his podium, leaving the students by themselves.

Millenium Warlords Dark
Aza (Speaking):
Uh... Well, it's not like anyone will actually commit murder, right?

Nobody says a word. Because in the High School Life of Mutual Killing, everyone is an enemy.


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