Dangan Ronpa 3 - The Great Despair Clash is an upcoming Dangan Ronpa game/fanfic created by NightVision Entertainment with a cast of 14 characters. 



Character Talent Personality
DR3 Akira Kento
Akira Kento
Super Duper Highschool Level Unlucky Student Akira, despite his bad luck, tries to lift everybody's spirit during the situation. He gradually gets better at deducing murder cases as the game goes on.
DR3 Kyo Tsukino
Kyo Tsukino
Super Duper Highschool Level Windsurfer Easygoing yet rather timid, usually either sleepy or has too much energy, and is either very focused or clumsy. She usually has good/friendly intentions, though it doesn't end well a lot of the time when she interacts with others.
DR3 Ikkei Oohira
Ikkei Oohira
Super Duper Highschool Level Painter He's an autist who loves his creativity and he helps everyone when someone is bad in art, making him a perfect artist. He interacts alone because he like to be alone in a empty room.
DR3 Marina Kasuga
Marina Kasuga
Super Duper Highschool Level Fashion Designer A stern young woman who tries to keep everyone else in check, but usually fails to do so.
DR3 Ziggs Samuel
Samuel Ziggs
Super Duper Highschool Level Dreamer Tends to be shy and silly, often spends his time drawing in his notebook. However, when he gains people's trust, he is more friendly and likes to be with them. When he think about something, he draws it (so his drawings mostly express his emotions and perceptions of life). He doesn't like showing that kind of drawings, but only the random drawings he likes to do.
DR3 Yamato Kaylinn
Kaylinn Yamato
Super Duper Highschool Level Samurai A samurai who firmly believes in honor and the warrior's way. She looks down upon murderers as treacherous cowards and can be quite stubborn in this regard.
DR3 Needleman Leah
Leah Needleman
Super Duper Highschool Level Mad Doctor A doctor who's known for using impractical methods of healing. She sometimes has insane outbursts that steer others away from her. 
DR3 Sakari Vevina
Vevina Sakari
Super Duper Highschool Level Baker Vevina is a sweet kind caring girl who is always looking out for others. She always puts herfriends before anything else, besides her baking of course. She is a skilled baker who enjoys baking some of the best cookies and cakes ever for her friends to eat. She is saving up to buy a bakery she wants to call 'Sweets & Treats'. She is known to be diagnosed with a strange yet seemingly harmless disease, which makes her eyes a dull grey as opposed to the others' vibrant colors. 
DR3 Nanase Riku
Riku Nanase
Super Duper Highschool Level Journalist A quiet boy usually seen writing and drawing in his journal. He usually doesn't interact with others beyond a simple "yes" or "no" answer. 
DR3 DeLorean Locky
Locky DeLorean
Super Duper Highschool Level Fresh Prince Locky is a motherfucking pimp who usually doesn't like to take "no" for an answer. He looks confident and calm but most times he's really just as worried as the rest of them.
DR3 Flexina Crimsina
Crimsina Flexina
Super Duper Highschool Level Wrestler Crimsina is friendly and kind and makes friends with anyone, but when angry she has a tendency to want to wrestle people. Much like her last name, Crimsina is rather flexible.
DR3 Matsumoto Hoshiko
Hoshiko Matsumoto
Super Duper Highschool Level Philosopher Hoshiko is prone to moments of blank-eyed staring. She could be staring at anything - a wall, a person, or even empty space. During these events, she is in deep thought, and generally comes out of it with the excitement of a new revolution. Aside from this, she is a reserved young woman who, though unafraid to speak her mind, tends to keep her emotions to herself, as getting others involved may impact her researching.
DR3 Korosu Klaus
Klaus Korosu
Super Duper Highschool Level Nerd Klaus tries to be cool and swag and the like during the situation but usually falls flat. He carries a lot of seemingly useless information but usually he just ends up embarrassing himself. He's not even actually German! 
DR3 Enkai Ruby
Ruby Enkai
Super Duper Highschool Level Party Planner A bouncy, cheery party planner whose top priority is lifting everybody's spirits, but is known to get overly stressed out during class trials. 

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