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Dangan Ronpa: Joy and Sorrow
Developer(s) Spike Chunsoft
Publisher(s) Spike Chunsoft
Platform(s) PS Vita
Genre(s) Murder Mystery
Release Date(s)
April 2015 (JP)

November 2015 (US, EU)
January 2016 (AU)

Daily Life

Deadly Life (Investigation)
Deadly Life (Class Trial)

Age Rating(s)
Series Danganronpa
Predecessor w:c:danganronpa:Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Media Included Game Card

Playstation Network

Dangan Ronpa: Joy and Sorrow is the third game in the Danganronpa series, with a new group of 16 students in the game.



The player takes control of Victoria Lockheart, and the game is divided into 2 halves for each chapter: Daily Life and Deadly Life.

Daily Life

During this mode there are either cutscenes with characters or free time where you can simply wander around and spend time with other characters. Each character has at least 3 free time events, and spending time with them may give you either Skills or Skill Points to use in Class Trials. You can also give them gifts from the MonoMono Machine (which are purchasable with MonoMono Coins that are scattered throughout areas in the game), which gives you a higher chance of getting a skill/skill point.

Deadly Life

Sometime during the Daily Life, the characters will find the corpse of another student, initiating Deadly Life, which is split into two modes.


Victoria must find evidence and testimonies in order to use as Word Bullets in Class Trials. There is no time limit, and ends when Victoria finds everything she can.

Class Trial

During this mode, the surviving students must deduce who the culprit is using the evidence they found during the Investigation, with several minigames. Before the trial starts, Victoria can make various preparations, such as reviewing her Word Bullets, equipping Skills, etc.

Victoria will have an Influence Gauge (the equivalent of Health Points) which will cause a Game Over if fully depleted. She will also have Skill Points (default 15 SP) which are used to equip skills.

The minigames are as follow:

  • Nonstop Debate: Several characters will give statements one after another without pause, and statements will have yellow Weak Points. The player must hit one of these weak points that is contradicting by aiming the crosshair with the left control stick and choosing (with L and R buttons) the correct Word Bullet, and shooting with X. Hitting the wrong weak point or using the wrong Word Bullet will give damage to Victoria's Influence Gauge.
  • Nonstop Consent: It works similarly to Nonstop Debate, but instead of yellow Weak Points, there will be blue Weak Points, which Victoria must back up with her Word Bullet. Again, hitting the wrong weak point or using the wrong word bullet will damage the Influence Gauge.
  • Rebuttal Duel: Sometimes, another student will try to prove your statement as incorrect, in which a Rebuttal Duel begins. The player must choose the correct Word Sword (effectively the same as Word Bullets) and slice through the other students statements using the touch screen until the other student's Inluence Gauge is depleted, then present their arguement on why the the other student is wrong with the correct Word Sword, and the end is the only part where a specific sword matters. Some statements are angled, and the player must hit them in a cross.
  • Megaton Punch (new): Sometimes, a student will attempt to prove you wrong, but in a different minigame. A whack-a-mole-esque game initiates, and the opponent replace the moles, The player must aim the Word Hammer at the moles then press and hold O. Holding it longer will increase damage dealt, though it loops back and forth. Once the opponent gets low influence, a large mole of him/her will appear with smaller ones surrounding it. The player must destroy the smaller moles, then present their arguement on why the the other student is wrong with the correct Word Hammer, and the end is the only part where a specific hammer matters.
  • Rhythm Shot Battle (RSB): Sometimes, another student will refuse something, such as admitting they're the culprit. When this happens, a Rhythm based minigame will occur where the screen is split into four by a large X, with the student's "shielded heart" in the center. From each corner of the screen, an X, O, Square, or Triangle will appear moving towards the heart, which indicates what button to press when said button arrives before the heart. The character will also give statements, which must be destroyed before they dissappear whilst keeping in rhythm to deplete your opponent's influence gauge. Once the opponent's shield is destroyed, they will give a final statement which must be destroyed with the correct Word Bullet.


Name Description Skills
Victoria Lockheart
Super High School Level Luck
Marina Heartfilia
Super High School Level Politician
  • Debater 2 SP - In Bullet Time Battles and Rebuttal Duels, the opponents Influence Gauge goes down more quickly
  • +1 SP
  • Calm Mind 3 SP - Concentration Gauge goes down more slowly
Fae Izumi
Super High School Level Animal Caretaker
  • Alpha 5 SP - In Rhythm Shot Battles and Rebuttal Duels, the opponents Influence Gauge goes down 1.2x more than normally
  • +1 SP
  • Feline's Eye 6 SP - The Crosshair goes faster with less drift. You also recieve a higher amount of Monomono coins when finding them and when completing Class Trials.
Maria DiScascio
Super High School Level Devout
  • Prayer 2 SP - Concentrating reduces the Crosshair's drift by a higher amount
  • +1 SP
  • Divine Truth 4 SP - During each Nonstop Debate/Nonstop Consent, one less weak point appears.
Nico Torres
Super High School Level Composer
  • Harmonic 3 SP - If you correctly go through the trial without making mistakes, your Influence Gauge goes down slower depending on how long you go without a mistake
  • +1 SP
  • Heightened Hearing 4 SP - During each Nonstop Debate/Nonstop Consent, one less weak point appears.
Athena Ferraira
Super High School Level Archer
  • Precise Aim 2 SP - The Crosshair has less drift
  • +1 SP
  • Quick Draw 4 SP - Truth Bullets in Nonstop Debate/Nonstop Consent have lower cooldown time
Neves Rocha
Super High School Level Skateboarder
  • Balance 3 SP - During Logic Dives, it is easier to steer
  • +1 SP
  • Quick Recovery 4 SP - During Logic Dives, if you fall down a pitfall the time it takes to get back up is shorter.
Sam Hastur
Super High School Level Artist
  • Precise Strokes 2 SP - In Rebuttal Duels, no matter what all of the opponent's phrases take one hit to destroy.
  • +1 SP
  • ROYGBIV 7 SP - In every minigame, it is easier to progress.
  • Blazing Speed 6 SP - During a Nonstop Debate/Consent, Truth Bullets are 3 times as fast when shot. This skill is gained when spending free time with his alternate personality in Chapter 3 only
  • Inner Fury 9 SP - During Rebuttal Duels and RSBs, the opponent's influence gauge goes down 2.5x more than normally This skill is gained when spending free time with his alternate personality in Chapter 3 only
Mark Emillus
Super High School Level Saboteur
  • Keen Eye 4 SP - During Logic Dives, pitfalls are less often and smaller.
  • +1 SP
  • Trapmaster 6 SP - During RSBs and Rebuttal Duels, the opponents influence gauge goes down by 10x the normal amount for every time you manage to get a combo of 25, 50, 75, 100, etc.

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