In a large room, where there is only one door, and little breathing holes, but no windows, are 15 people(along with me)

All of us do not remember anything other than our first names.

The first one to wake up was me,Elishia

I wake up an American named Aaron, who soon wakes up as soon as I start to shake him

After we woke everyone else up,a screen somewhere around a corner,bursts to life, and a man whose face cannot be seen, appears on the TV screen.

"I see you've all woke up already", he said in a deep voice

A girl whose name was Lily, looked around to check if there are cameras or speakers in the large room, and found 5 of them.

Aaron and me watch the screen more attentively than the others because the others look like they were going to panic.

"Do not panic......yet", he said

What does he mean???Is he going to do something horrible thet will put our lives at stake?!?!,I thought

A girl named Annie walks up to the door, and tried to turn the knob but it was locked.

She looks like she likes teddy bears........a lot.

I can say that because,well,she wears a teddy bear hat,a teddy bear dress,and well, all her clothes are entirely teddy bear-like.

She caught me looking at her because she blushed.

Well I don't need to introduce everyone.I just asked their names,so here they are, Me, Aaron, Lily, Annie, Dan, Howard, Teddy, Gerald, Veronica, Pia, Austin, Kay, Jay, Lacey, and Cecille.

"I believe Elishia here knows the names of everyone now",the man said.

But what he mean a while ago?'To not panic yet?',I thought

"So?"I reply sarcastically because I seriously want to know what he meant by not to panic yet

And,as if he read my mind, he said, "You're going to kill each other".

Picture Name Talent Status Role
Elishia Ultimate Honor Student Alive N/A
Aaron Ultimate General Alive N/A
Lily Ultimate Gardener Alive N/A
Annie Ultimate Teddy Collector Alive N/A
Dan Ultimate Cartoonist Alive N/A
Howard Ultimate Bookworm Alive N/A
Teddy Ultimate Cutie Patootie Alive N/A
Gerald Ultimate Actor Alive N/A
Veronica Ultimate Billiards Player Alive N/A
Austin Ultimate Rocket Scientist Alive N/A
Kay Ultimate Goth Alive N/A
Jay Ultimate Twin Alive N/A
Pia Ultimate Tailor Dead 1st Victim
Lacey Ultimate Makeup Artist Alive N/A
Cecille Ultimate Dancer Alive N/A

Female Characters

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