Dance Dance Revolution: Nintendo Action is a game for the Wii releasing in 2010. Being a C.I.A. Station, Inc game, it cannot be edited without the following message appearing on your talk page:


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If there is a *, that means unlockable.


  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Pokemon Battle Arena
  • Saffron City
  • Dreamland
  • Hyrule Field
  • Onett
  • Marth's Fortress
  • Flat Zone
  • Mute City
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Nintendo Lab
  • Wii
  • DSi
  • Birdo's Dreams
  • Baby Ike's Fort
  • Wind E's Field
  • Reta Fields (From Pokemon Amethyst and Opal)
  • PalmMan's HP*
  • Radiator Springs*


Some dance moves have items attached to them that do something. Usually they affect the movement of the dance steps, or, if you are playing against somebody, items that affect them.

  • Fast Forward
  • Rewind
  • Pause
  • Invincibility Star
  • Rattle
  • Pokeball
  • Hammer
  • Game & Watch Octøpus
  • Egg
  • GBA
  • Nintendog
  • Metroid

Dancing SquadsEdit

If the player wishes, dancing squads can be played as after all characters on one have been unlocked. There are some players not in squads.

Mario MeteorsEdit

Mario and Luigi's crew has a lot of characters from Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion.

Peach's PrincessesEdit

Peach and Daisy's crew has a lot of the princess and women from the Mario series as well as many characters from Super Mario Galaxy with Rosalina and Peach's stewards.

Wario WeirdosEdit

A suspicious group headed by Wario, they are a lot of his cohorts from the Wario Ware games.

Bowser BulliesEdit

The evil group, they are ruled over by Bowser with an iron fist and consist of all of his children and his cousin.

Paper PowerEdit

The Papers, taken from the Paper Mario series as well as the Paper Partners series.

Super StarsEdit

The Star Children from the Diaper Duty series have their own dance team seperated from the other characters.

Yoshi's YellersEdit

The Yoshi Yeller Crew is a crew of Yoshis and Birdos and others who will kick your butt just give them the chance!

DK's DancersEdit

The Kong family has their own super dance team with ten of their fittest and best dancers from the island!

Kremling KrewEdit

The Kremling Krew followed the Kongs along when they heard there was a dance tournament, their crew is one of the strongest in their own minds.

Link's LegendsEdit

All the way from Hyrule the Hero of Time and his consorts have come along to dance up a storm!

Marth's MagicEdit

All the way from Akenia, Tellius, Elibe, Jugdral, Magvel and all the other Fire Emblem worlds comes these suprisingly limp lords.

Pokemon PlayersEdit

All sorts of Pokemon have come alone, leaving their masters back in their home towns because now is their time to shine!

Lylat LayawaysEdit

The Lylat Layaways team have traveled all the way from the Lylat System to come and have a go at dancing, don't underestimate them! Despite their name, they are one of the most energetic squads.

Samus' SlammersEdit

The Samus' Slammers Crew is all the way from Brinstar, they may not like eachother but they do like dancing.

Mother MadnessEdit

The team from the Mother series has come to dance along too, they are from all of the mother games not just Earthbound!

Kirby KillersEdit

They have come all this way so that they can win big on the dance field, they may look cute but looks can be decieving!

Flashback FanaticsEdit

All of these old retro characters from old retro games can still kick it! Watch out because they are a force to be reckoned with.

Leftover LosersEdit

Despite the fact that their called the losers they are a strong team and will stop at nothing to win win win!

Tournaments & TourneysEdit

In this game, there are dancing tournaments & tourneys. There are different prizes for each tournament or tourney (trophies). These are the tournaments/tourneys and the *'s represent difficulty.

  • Mushroom Tounament*
  • Blade Tournament**
  • PK Tournament***
  • 2-D Tournament****
  • F-Zero Tournament*****
  • Egg Tourney******
  • Baby Tourney*******
  • Dedede Tournament*******
  • Pokemon Stadium Tourney**********
  • Hyrule Tournament**********
  • Final Tourney***********
  • Final FINAL Tourney************


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