Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix U (sometimes referred to as DDR: Mario Mix U) is a Japanese-originated dancing game developed by Nintendo. It is the sequel to the 2005 GameCube game Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.

Gameplay and Track List

In the game, you dance to several songs from several different Mario games. In the GameCube version you had to purchase a DDR floor pad, but now you just dance with two Wii Remote Plus controllers and the nunchuck. Also, some features cannot be accessed without the Wii Balance Board in handy. Aside from dancing to your favorite Mario songs, there are also motion mini-games that will get you up and moving. The "Flagpole Jumping" game from the original returns (along with it's jamming music track) but now there are four new ones: The Great Bowser Fleet, where you run in place away from Bowser; The Yoshi Ride, where you pretend you're riding a Yoshi; The Koopa Quick Race, where you must win a race against Koopa the Quick; The Bunny Chase, where you have to capture the fast-moving bunny before time runs out, and the Dance Off, where you have to dance better than the dance master himself, M.C. Ballyhoo and Big Top.

In the main mode, there is a plethora of songs to dance to:

Puzzle Plank Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Toy Time Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

Purple Coins Jammin' Remix (Super Mario Galaxy)

Gusty Garden Galaxy Jammin' Remix (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Bowser Battle Jammin' Remix (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Main Theme (Super Mario 3D Land)

Main Theme (Super Mario 3D World)

Double Cherry Pass (Super Mario 3D World)

Beep Block Skyway [Without Beeps] (Super Mario 3D World)

Ending Credits (Super Mario 3D World)

Luigi's Mansion Theme Boogie Remix (Luigi's Mansion)

Training Room Music (Luigi's Mansion)

Final Boss Theme Boogie Remix (Luigi's Mansion)

Opening Theme Hip Hop Remix (Luigi's Mansion)

Gloomy Manor Hip Hop Remix (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon/Luigi's Mansion 2)

Isle Delfino Remix (Super Mario Sunshine)

Bianco Hills Boogie Remix (Super Mario Sunshine)

Ricco Harbor (Super Mario Sunshine)

Gelato Beach Remix (Super Mario Sunshine)

Final Boss Remastered (Super Mario Sunshine)

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