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  • A button .: Select
  • B button....: Back
  • A button . + Z button.. + 2x Tax cruising . (In the Main Menu Screen): SECRET CHEAT TO UNLOCK YOSHI
  • Hold Z button.. with the Cheat turned on: Turn on the Yoshi color selection screen)
  • 2 button .: Pause
  • Menu button .: Home Menu
  • Shake wii remote: Swim (Only in Cheep Chase)
  • Tax cruising .: Press according of the arrow direction in dance/ In the selections is to decide, what you goes use/ Move in some games

Yoshi Colors

White, Brown,Purple and Teal Yoshi Colors are unlockable, winning normal mode of the story, you can unlock they


Image Name How to Unlock
MarioMP10 Mario N/A
LuigiMP10 Luigi Win Luigi in Cheep Chase in easy mode story
WarioMP10 Wario Win Wario in Cheep Chase in normal mode story
YoshiMP10 Yoshi Use the Secret Cheat

Coming Soon

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