Dan VS. Everything
Studio(s) MercuryRush Films
Distributor(s) Starz Media
Type Computer Animation
Genre(s) To be confirmed
Curtis Armstrong

Dave Foley

Paget Brewster

Tom Kenny

Michael Gross

Meredith Baker

Eric Bauza

Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Budget Unknown
Box Office N/A
Runtime 164 minutes

Dan VS. Everything is an upcoming 2014 film that is based on the series Dan VS. It revolves around Dan Mandel, the series' protagonist, trying to escape the people that made him angry. This film stars most of the cast from the series, including Curtis Armstrong and Dave Foley as the duo of Dan and Chris.



Dan's past transgressions are coming back to haunt him-literally! His enemies are taking their revenge on him, so he and Mr. Mumbles (along with a reluctant Chris) travel to Canada, where they find themselves in some extra spicy water. Will Dan ever be able to escape his past, or will the demons keep haunting him?


The film opens with Dan just waking up. He rolls over to find his mail covering the right side of his bed. Dan groans and reads who the letters are from; he finds "Barry Ditmer", "Hiram Deatmur", "Lenam Nad", and "Chad" amongst the letters. Scared, he talks to Mr. Mumbles for a quick second before calling Chris.