Dan (Thirty Nights At Freddy's)
Full Name Dan
Species Tyrannosaurus Rex (Animatronic)

Appearance Edit

Dan is a green T- Rex with purple spots and blue eyes. He is naked and even has no shoes. like the others, he has two pairs of teeth. Also, his right arm has noticeably fallen off.

Locations Edit

Dan starts in the Show Stage. He has no real pattern with the way to attack Janet.

History Edit

Dan was the last animatronic created. Created in 1982 and was discontinued in 1984. He was discontinued after the arm incident. Dan liked the kids very much. Three kids decided to hold onto him, the arm collapsed, killing 2 of the 3 kids.

Pattern Edit

Dan likes following somebody else, except on Night 27. Then he walks around by himself, thus being the only day he can kill you.