Damon "Retro" Oni is a Red half-Kirby half-demon who was shunned from society since the day he was born.


Retro's Family

Adven Ture Cosmos Oni

Adven is Retro's mother and former wife of Kit Cosmos. Adven is also known as Kat, and when she was married to Kit Cosmos, she was Kat Cosmos. Her maiden name Adven Ture, is a pun on Adventure. She is a Galactic Soldier, and was known as Miss Adven Ture, a pun on Misadventure, and was one of the few female Galaxy Soldiers.

Devon Oni

Devon Oni is Retro's father. He is virtually unseen, but constantly heard from. Devon is a demon which is the reason Retro is shunned from society.


Retro's parents met during a war between the Galaxy Soldiers, and the Demon's of Drake Star, during this period Adven and Devon met on the battlefield and fell in love. Retro was born as an attempt to bring peace but only caused more war. After this, Adven and Devon were banished, from their respective sides and moved to Pop Star. Retro was often bullied or harmed because of his appearance bringing stress to the family. Retro decided to leave his family because he thought he was a burden to them, and to take revenge upon Pop Star, Drake Star and any planet in which Demons and Galaxy Soldiers reside. Then he made friends with Xero, a man shunned for giving his body to Dark Matter. Retro later meets Kirby in Super Kirby Friends and lost all his anger as now he has many friends.

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