Dakota's basic appearance.
Full Name Dakota
Current Age 18
Date of Birth 17 October, 2004
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Female
Species Human
Location France
Class Investigator
Height 6'0 (180cm)
First Appearance Reverse Quantum Curse

Dakota is the secondary main character of Reverse Quantum Curse, appearing alongside S. She is a French woman who was born in a time near to the present, and met S while staying in London. Her quest against Kira's military began years later after S revealed her past.


Dakota is a victim of abuse from her parents, and she suffered from this until she was 12. Authorities found out about her abuse and took her away from her parents, and she stayed with her brother, Dev, for a short amount of time before being relocated again. While she was staying with her brother in London, she had met with S for the first time.


Reverse Quantum Curse

In Reverse Quantum Curse, Dakota appears as one of the main characters. She, in the game, travels with S in attempt to track down soldiers of Kira and put a stop to them, as well as recruiting others to help them out. In the game she is with S most of the time.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Dakota is a tall girl with brown hair (with a blonde highlight), usually tied up into a high ponytail. She has green eyes. She normally wears a short, hot-pink sun dress with a red-violet ribbon around it. She wears flats which are the same color as her dress.


Dakota is rather intelligent. Because of this, she feels that she has great interpretation of all, though she fails to understand things outside of her own perspective. She has low patience, and also is greatly a perfectionist. She is completely introverted, and only will talk to a select few or when asked to talk by someone else in the first place. She is very easily offended because of this.



S is Dakota's closest friend. S met Dakota first when she arrived in the past, and they instantly became best friends. The two work together, and hang out together frequently. The two hardly ever get in arguments, and Dakota is kinder to S in particular than she is to any other person she knows. Dakota secretly is romantically infatuated with S, though S is unaware.


  • Dakota was formerly known as "Daka" in the older version of the Investigator S series.

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