Daisy Sarasa, also known by her superhero alias of Super Daisy, is the main character of Super Daisy. She has the powers of a Super Leaf, which allows her to use a raccoon tail to fly, although she mostly relies on her own prowess in martial arts to fight crime.


Daisy Comic #1

Daisy's first comic reveals how she was born the princess of Sarasaland, but fled when it was attacked by the alien Tatanga. She resettled in Mushroom City, and soon stumbled upon a Super Leaf, which she accidentally absorbed. She then found out the Super Leaf belonged to Toadsworth, who had taken it from the royal treasury during the revolution 50 years earlier to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

Daisy Comic #2

The second comic continues where the first left off, with Toadsworth explaining that the Super Leaf has now permanently granted Daisy it's powers. He then asks what Daisy will use her powers for; she sees a group of Koopas nearby attacking a Toad, and immediately jumps to his defense. After frightening the Koopas off, Toadsworth offers to teach Daisy how to use her powers better to become a crime fighter in the city. The two begin training, and Toadsworth teaches her various martial arts which he would have taught to the princess if the revolution hadn't occurred and her family hadn't been driven out as well as how to use the Super Leaf.

Daisy Comic #3/Wario Comic #1

With her new training, Daisy begins hunting down criminals across Mushroom City. Wario, a leader of a prominent gang in the city, decides to confront her. Using a shoulder-mounted Bullet Bill launcher, he attempts to shoot her but she manages to avoid it and easily defeat him in single combat, then give him over to the police to arrest. The comic ends with an explosion in the prison, and Wario escaping and vowing to get revenge. Daisy then realizes she needs to adopt the alias of Super Daisy, while getting a part-time job as a florist.

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