Daisy Land is a 2D action platformer developed by Wowimjarred Co. and Nintendo. It will release on The Newt in early 2015.


Mario Luigi and Princess Peach were visiting Sarasaland to see Princess Daisy; however they were interrupted by Tatanga, who kidnaps the group. When Daisy discovers this she goes off to save her friends. when Daisy makes it to the spaceship she discovers that she needs the six space keys to open the door.


Princess Daisy: The main and only playable character in the game.

Tatanga: The main villain of the game.

Goomkeeper: The shopkeeper of the game.

King Sand Crab: The first boss of the game

Spookmaster: The fourth boss of the game


  • World 1: Beach
  • World 2: Forest
  • World 3: Mountains
  • World 4: Graveyard
  • World 5: Factory
  • World 6: Desert
  • World 7: Space


  • This game was made as a Christmas present for MarioEternal

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