Sigh, you never learn, do you? You're world's done for!
Daisy, Twisted Evil

For the non-evil version of Daisy, go here

Daisy is the main antonagist of Twisted Evil. She has control over the Shy guy Army.

She seems to have plans throughout the story to rid the world of Non-humans to turn the world into a version of Earth. However, It seems she has lied to her recruits, as all of the Bosses say she had a different "master plan" (based on them. Ex: Wario said her plan was to mine for Gold)


Despite attacking all non-humans, her troops have taken Onett

Theme and Fight

Strangly, when she is fought, she goes around in a very childish-looking vehicle. The theme is this.

Master Romper

Daisy's Master Vehicle, It strangly seems to be built out of Children's Toys. Daisy fights back and claims the General Guy gave it to her

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