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Daisy Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour

Daisy's 1st alt. costume


Daisy's 2nd alt. costume

Daisy Strikes Out the Compition! Daisy appears as the first rep for the Mario Spin Off series. She can use moves from the various Mario Spin-Off games.


B: Item Box: Daisy will hold out an Item Box and it will cycle through various items from the Mario Kart series. It will land on one based on how good you are doing. You must wait 10 sec. before using this move again. If you still spam it, you will keep getting coins that do nothing but heal 2% damage.
Side B: Standard Kart: Daisy hops into her Standard Kart and drives around the stage! It's simular to Wario's and Doc Louis' Side B.
Up B: Springo Candy: Daisy will eat a Springo Candy and become a spirng. You can charge this move up and when fully charged or when you let go, you will spring upwards.
Down B: Soccer Ball: Daisy will put a soccer ball in front of her and charge up a kick to hit it! The ball can do great damage, and the kick can also hit players nearby.
Final Smash: Garden Trap: Daisy will plant a garden and anone who gets stuck in it will feel the pain when Daisy spikes a giant basketball down!

Pallette Swaps

Alt Costume

Sports Oufit
Strikers Oufit

Victory Theme

Title Screen - Mario Kart 8 Music Extended15:30

Title Screen - Mario Kart 8 Music Extended

Theme up until 0:06

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