Daisy's Ski Resort
Daisy's Ski Resort
is a racing course that appears in Mario Kart 9th. It is the third course found in the Flower Cup.


You start inside (or just outside) the ski resort. After starting driving you drive down the road towards the bridge. At the corner are item boxes. You can also take a shortcut through an alley if you make the turn well, there also is are speed bars and an item box in the alley.

As you cross the bridge you can do two things. You can just continue driving over the snow, or take the jump immediately at your right and jump into the water. Both roads contain item boxes halfway and end up in a wide area with a canon. You're fired off and land on top of the mountain. There are several trees (like in Mount Wario) where you can preform tricks on in the first part. Followed by that are a few turns, with trees on the far ends and item boxes halfway that eventually lead to the backdoor of the ski resort. You enter the building and drive down the stairs and make a turn to the finish.


The ski resort resembles the one you spot at the end of Mount Wario. At the side of a road are various buildings including bars and ski/snowboard shops. You can't drive off the bridge as it has ledges, but can drive into the water anytime afterwards. On that part you drive through a tunnel which is another ski-path. In the water it is a bridge so you won't notice anything of that. On the background you can see a tavern as well as some ski slopes and a halfpipe on the background, with several Penguins, Mii's and Shy Guys walking/sitting or practicing sports there. When you are shot out of the canon there is a wood on your left and the rest of the course of the right. The trees in the wood are covered with snow. The ways near the backdoor of the ski resort are blocked by a lint. The interior of the ski resort is cozy with some pictures of mountains, as well as plants, couches, stairs etc.


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