Da Chimps are two monkeys that appear in the series, Flip The Frog. They are friends to Flip and Francine, and rivals to Cobby. They teach Flip and his friends how to move, jump and attack.


The first Chimp, Guardy, has angel wings and a halo over his head. He has sun-glasses that look like angel wings, and his fur is white. His belly, mouth, hands, and feet are all yellow. He carries a gold harp. He has a white tail like a normal monkey would have.

Davel, the second Chimp, has devil horns and red bat wings. His sunglasses are shaped like devil wings, and his fur is dark red. His belly, mouth, feet, and hands are all brown. He carries a devil spear, and has a dark red devil tail.


Although they are only playable in racing games, they teach Flip and Co. how to do things.

Guardy teaches the heroes how to move, jump, glide, and do other things. He, unlike his brother, hands out free lessons to the heroes.

Davel, however, teaches the heroes how to punch, kick, smash, and slap. He teaches the heroes how to fight only if they have 10 Lilypad Coins each.