This page lists all the confirmed items for DX Super Mario Bros.

Image Name Rarity Description
N/A Super Mushroom Very Common A fungus with a red cap with big, white polka-dots. Turns Mario into Super Mario. It is the most common Power-Up in the game, as Super Mushrooms will replace every Power-Up (except for Mega Mushrooms, Mini Mushrooms and Super Stars), when Mario is small.
N/A Fire Flower Common This flower with its white bud and ring-like, red-yellow petals gives Mario fire powers. It is one of Mario's most iconic Power-ups.
N/A Super Leaf Common Another famous power-up, being a brown-orange leaf with a gap. This leaf gives Mario a raccoon tail, which he can use to fly with or slap enemies in the face.
N/A Ice Flower Common A Flower that resembles the fire Flower, except the ring-like petals are now light blue and cyan. Gives Mario Ice powers, which freezes enemies.
N/A Mini Mushroom Semi-Common A tiny mushroom with a blue cap. This shrinks Mario to the size of a bean. As Mini Mario, he can make long, floaty jumps, fit in small gaps and run on water.
N/A Mega Mushroom Rare An enormous mushroom with a yellow cap and red polka-dots. This increases Mario's size to a giant. As Mega Mario, he's able to crush any obstacle in its path.
N/A Bullet Suit Semi-Common A suit resembling a Bullet Bill. As Bullet Mario, he can soar in the skies and break minor objects.
N/A Thunder Flower Semi-Common This flower has ring-like petals in yellow and green. Mario will gain thunder powers, and can shrink several enemies and destroy machines.
N/A Super Apple Semi-Common A shiny, red apple with eyes. As Horse Mario, he can run fast, make very long jumps, buck enemies, but is very slow in the water.
N/A Blooper Suit Semi-Common This suit resembles a Blooper. As Blooper Mario, he can swim fast, make twirly moves, spit ink to enemies, but is very slow on land.
N/A Super Star Rare A shiny, yellow star with eyes. This makes Mario invincible for a short time.
N/A Tanooki Suit Semi-Rare A brown suit resembling the legendary tanuki, wearing a neckerchief. Tanooki Mario has the same powers as Raccoon Mario, but is also able to turn into stone, being invincible for all enemies, but immobile until he turns back.