DS Tell is a made up software on Pictochat, which is on the DS. This has many collectables, channels, games, etc. This is playble for 1-4 players, as well as you can go swap players by going to other rooms. The support-ish channel is called the DS TV.


DS TV, a Channel that you can chat with up to 15 other players. (2-16 players) DSTVNN, a news channel with updates for the DS Tell. (1 player) KiDS TV, a kids-teen DS TV that you can play on the DS games. Either one player, mutiplayer, or using the Wi-Fi Connection. (Any) DS TV Dome, a sport-ish DS TV channel that you can play bosses or minigames. (1-4 players) DS TV Ad Channel, a channel with ads for anything DS Tell. (1 player) DS QuesTV, a channel for making up quests for you DS games. (1 player) DS Draw, a channel where you can draw here. (1-16 players)

more soon!

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