DS Play is a DS port of WiiPlay. Using Wi-Fi, you can send Miis to your DS, or use one of the 10 guests.


  1. Tap Range– Like the Shooting Range, only you tap to shoot, and you can upgrade guns temporally.
  2. Table Tennis– Drag the stylus again to move the paddle, and pressing the stylus down does a power shot.
  3. Pose DS– Drag the Mii around with the stylus, and there's 6 poses instead of tilting the Mii.
  4. Laser Hockey– Again, drag the stylus and move around to have a match of Air Hockey, but with laser effects.
  5. Fishing– Yet again, move the stylus to control the fishing rod and pressing A reels in.
  6. Billiards– Tap the ball where you want it to be, then drag it back and press up to shoot the ball.
  7. Charge!– Using the stylus has a steering wheel, spinning it has the Mii steer the cow and hit Scarecrows.
  8. Tanks!– Using the D-Pad moves, and usin the stylus to shoot.

Hidden Games

You unlock game #1 by getting all games with at least a bronze medal, #2 for getting all at least silver, #3 for all gold, and #4 for all platnuim.
  1. Find Him!– A bunch of Miis are around, and you have to tap certain Miis.
  2. Platform Avoidence– Falling things are coming on your ice flying floor, so you must run around avoiding, while other Miis try to push you off.
  3. Bounce– Tap the Mii to trampolines to keep going high, the bottom has spikes!
  4. Racin'– Move the Miis, tapping them makes them run faster, then swimming has you draw circles, jumping by tapping the Mii, and flying by blowing.

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