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The Subspace Saga is an overlapping storyline throughout the DSSB games. Each installment of the Subspace Saga is played out through the Story Mode in the DSSB games. (e.g: Rise of the Subspace Empire, the first official installment of the Subspace Saga, is played out through DarkLordofStuff's Super Smash Brothers' Story Mode)

NOTE: The Subspace Saga will no longer be continued, as the announced Sequel to DSSB has been cancelled.


  • The Subspace Emmisary (SSBB): While not in the DSSB series, SSBB's story mode tied in with DSSB's story mode. Therefor, The Subspace Emmisary serves as a prequel to the Subspace Saga.
  • Rise of the Subspace Empire (DSSB): The first official installment, in which Bowser leads a legion of Nintendo supervillains (consisting of Gannondorf,Meowth,Mewtwo,Wolf,Wario,King K Rool) to defeat the heroes, with the help of Dr. Eggman, who creates a new, mysterious device. 
  • War of the Nintendo Heroes: The title for the story for the cancelled game DarkLordofStuff's Super Smash Bros II

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