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You may be looking for the DS, the DSe, the DSi, or the DSX. As far as I know, there is no DS-a or DS-o.

The DS-u is a gaming system created by Omegaverse Corp. It is very similar to the DS-i. It can play Gameboy Advance, DS, and DS-u games. It often has compilations.


There is a shop where you can buy special games and classic games remade. One game was released as a test called Mario Arena, where you jump on goombas for a while. It was a limited edition game and was available from June 2, 2009 to June 29. These are the games.


You can have 7 chat rooms and you can set your preferences for the display you want.


  • Classic Picto-Chat:classic
  • New Picto-chat: contains rainbow, blue, green, and gold writing. Is more colorful.
  • Spy-chat:offers ability to make your own secret code.


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