The DNAirship (or Lemmykoopa24's Airship) is one of Lemmykoopa24's ships and his most powerful one. It is large enough to hold 20,000 people and is equipped with 4 giant cannons. Only Lemmykoopa24 knows how to drive it, just like all his other vehicles.
Lk24's airship

The DNAirship.


  • Regular: fires a single Banzai Bill
  • Hypno: When fired, puts the victim under mind control for one day.
  • Shadow: The projectile is invisible
  • SuperNova: A mighty cannon that can shoot through anything. The blast is 50 feet wide and incredibly powerful. It takes 1 week to recharge

In addition to the cannons, the ship itself can ram itself into a structure with absolutely no damage. It also has 600 MagikBill Blasters and 100 Goom-omb launchers on the sides.


  • The DNAirship is a pun on DNA and Airship.

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