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Sadly, there are characters in EXE that are DLC's. DLC stands for downloadable character[s].

List Of DLC's

Here is the complete list of DLC's (note:not in order)

characters universe final smash
toad mario mushroom kingdom TNT
knuckle joe kirby rising break
ridley metroid ridley finale
geno mario geno bomb
mach rider mach rider motorcycle
rayman rayman rabbid attack
dark samus/metroid prime exo metroid dark zero lazer/dark power suit
kat and ana wario ninja secrets
dixie kong donkey kong bananna fall
black shadow f-zero mega shadow punch
rosalina mario metiore shower
galacta knight kirby galacta darkness
bowser jr. mario paintbrush swing
gray fox metal gear baton combat
meowth pokemon super scratch
paper mario mario paper fire mario
victini pokemon fire dash
starfy the legendary starfy super star spin
little mac punch out giga mac
wreck it ralph wreck it ralph game over
breakdown/silver sonic elemental breakdown/super silver
taj donkey kong elephant fury
steve minecraft ender dragon


  • DLC's are the only characters that never appered in adventure mode

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