DK Village is a Smash Musuem hall in Super Smash Bros. Amplified. Players can interact with the Donkey Kong content and collectibles. It uses upgraded DK: Tropical Freeze graphics for Donkey Kong's world featured in DK64. It's larger than its source game counterpart and features huts to accomodate the content shown. Each hut has its content to shown.

DK's Home

Donkey Kong's own home shows the history. He has not only the records of his franchise's history there, but also the history starting masterpiece, Donkey Kong. The classic arcade machine houses the NES version of Donkey Kong, ready for players to play. DK's jukebox will play the any DK track as long as players are in the hall. There are bongos that players can interact with.

Funky's Store

Similar to his role in Tropical Freeze, Funky runs the store. However, he's selling Mii costumes and accessories of the Donkey Kong franchise. His DK64 outfit makes a cameo as a decoration for the store. The listed accessories and Mii costumes are listed below.

Mii Costumes
Item Price Description
DK Crew 2000 Bundle of all of the available DK crews' suits
DK suits 250 each A single suit of one crew member. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong, Funky Kong, Funky Kong (64), Dixie Kong, Chunky Kong, Lankey Kong
Kremling Army 2500 Bundle of K.Rool suit and those of his army
Kremling suits 250 each A single suit of a Kremling. K. Rool(King), K. Rool (Boxer), K. Rool(Scientist), K. Rool(Boxer), K. Lumsy, Krusha, Klubba, Kritter (Green), Kritter(Blue), Koindoser
Other Baddies bundle 1750 Bundle of suits that look like DK's other foes.
Other Baddies suit 250 each Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Sumo Kong, Ninja Kong, Tiki Tong
Mii Accessories
Item Price Description
DK Barrel 100 The iconic barrel, now as a backpack
DK Arsenal pack 500 The arsenal of weapons from DK64 in a bundle
DK Weaponry 100 each The arsenal separately. Peanut Popgun & Barrel Pack, Feather Bow, Coconut Shooter, Grape Shooter, Pinapple Shooter
Collectibles Bundle 400 A bundle of iconic DK collectibles.
A Collectible 100 each Banana, DK coin, KONG letters, Kremling Koin,
Animal Friends Doll Bundle 700 each The Dolls versions of Animal Buddies as a bundle
Animal Friend Dolls 100 each Rambi, Squawks, Enguarde, Expresso, Squitter, Rattly, Ellie

Cranky's Lab

Cranky Kong has reopened his lab as a model viewing hut. His machine allows you to see the playable Donkey Kong character models in action. Cranky Kong has interesting statements about the playable cast. He leaves comments on the cast's models as players view them or the cast themselves when playing speak to him. Rarely, Cranky Kong comments on when he fought Mario under the name "Donkey Kong" back in his younger years.

Diddy's Display Hut

Tiny Kong oversees the trophy display hut. Tiny helps out with the displays on how players display the trophies. The displays are all in eyes view seeing where the trophies are viewable. Tiny will comment that Dixie and Diddy are a couple and Donkey Kong has a crush on Candy Kong. Tiny will also confess to naming the trophy hut after Diddy Kong.


  • Cranky Kong's comment about fighting Mario refers to the fact that Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong.

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