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How To Play

Each Card Has A Level And Name Levels Go Up To 13 And Some Cards Give Power Ups! Who Ever Has Strongest Wins! Thier's 5 different Cards: Normal, Special,power ,power up, Rare Cards And Super Rare Cards, Special Rare Card. Some Cards Are Random Not Certain. 6 Cards Are In Each Pack They Cost $1.00

Impossible Cards Are One Type Of Card That Makes You Win Instantly But Is Truly Rare!

Starter Pack

DK : 9/13: Normal Card

Cranky Kong: 10/13: Power Card

Diddy Kong's Jetpack: 4/13: Power Up Card (For Diddy)

Dixie Kong : 6/13: Normal Card

Diddy Kong: 9/13 : Special Card

Mario VS. Donkey Kong Card: 13: Rare Card

Mario Kart : 3/13: Normal Card

Baby Kong: 9/13: Rare Card

Dk Jr.: 7/13: Normal Card

Custom Pack

Tiptup Ghost : 1/13: Power up card (For Tiptup Jr, Diddy Kong,Timber)

Tiptup Jr.: 8/13: Special Card

Timber: 5/9: Rare Card

Timber: 5/13: Normal Card

Kart Garage: 2/13: Power Up Card (All)

Swanky Kong: 8/13: Power Up Card(All Kongs)

Luigi: 4/7: Rare Card

Diddy Kong: 6/13: Normal Card

Lanky Kong:12/13: Rare Card

Ghost Pack

Tiptup Ghost: 5/13: Normal Card

Donkey Kong Jr.: 7/13: Normal Card

Baby Kong: 7/13: Rare Card

Tiny Kong 64 Style: 9/13: Special Card

Tiny Kong DS Style: 4/13: Power Up Card

Wrinkly Kong: 13/13: Special/Rare Card

Mini DK: 2/13: Power Up Card( DK And Cranky Kong)

Donkey Kong: 8/13: Normal Card

Mumbo Jumbo:12/13: Special/ Super Rare Card ( 1/13 you'll get the card)

Funky Kong: 7/13: Normal Card

Kong Pack

Donkey Kong: 7/13: Normal Card

Cranky Kong: 8/13: Normal Card

Lanky Kong: 11/13: Rare Card

Kiddy Kong:6/13: Normal Card

DK Jr.: 4/13: Normal Card

Baby Kong: 12/13: Special Card

Dixie Kong: 8/13: Normal Card

Diddy Kong:8/13: Power Up Card (Dixie, TinyKong 64 Style, DK)

Baby DK: 10/13: Rare Card

Funky Kong: 13/13: Rare Card/Special Card

Wrinkly Kong: 7/13: Rare Card

Baby Diddy Kong: 2/4: Special Rare Card

D.I.Y. Pack

Cranky Kong : 13/13: Rare Card

Create A Kart: 3/13: Power Up Card

King K.Rool: 15/13: Impossible Card

Kritter Minions: 7/13: Normal Power Up Card(King K. Rool)

Baby Mario: 3/13: Normal Card

Banjo With Kazooie: 12/13: Special Rare Card

Pauline: 3/4 : Rare Card

Humba Wumba: 9/13: Rare Card

Rambi: 13/14: Super Rare Card

T.T: 4/13: Normal Card


  • Baby Diddy Kong Is Not Even In DK Kart D.I.Y.
  • Chunky Kong Is Not A Playable Card?
  • Baby Diddy Kong Might Be A Downloadable Caracter
  • Luigi Isn't A Card Either?
  • Thier's A Code In Starter Pack To Get Baby Diddy In Video Game

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