DK Jungle (Smash NeXt)
DKJungle dojo
DK Symbol0
(D)King's (D)Kingdom
Series Donkey Kong
Availability Starter
Home stage to DK
Other Smash appearances New stage
First non-Smash appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns

DK Jungle is a new Donkey Kong stage in Super Smash Bros. NeXt. It is the home stage to DK.


DK Jungle is a medium-size stage that consists of one lower and bigger platform, two other platforms placed higher and moved by two Tiki Buzzes each one. It's possible to defeat the Tiki Buzzes and if there's no one left, the platform will fall. After about 20 seconds a new platform will return. The fourth platform is the largest one: it's placed in front of the DK Treehouse and it's possible to use the house as another platform. Finally some other enemies such as the Tiki Goons and the Screaming Pillars can appear. The formers can be defeated but don't inflict damage as they are walking platforms while the latters are only hazards.

Omega version

The platform is DK's Treehouse's. The side scrolling is removed.

Alpha version

The platform is DK's Treehouse's with three others put as Battlefield's.

Theta version

Each platform is roughly twice bigger. Tiki Buzzes, Tiki Goons and Screaming Pillars are removed.


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