DJ Toast, the second episode of series 3 of Super Mario, was aired on 16th October, 2015.



BJ Toast invites everybody to a party he organised for no reason. He announces that he will give medals to everybody who wins the games. Toadette and Toadokay go to the party, but they plan on cheating on the games. Tiarer and Bobbert go together, but Tiarer doesn't seem interested in taking part.

Meanwhile, Toad and Rievoah are invited by Brighton and Twila to a moonlight walk (which Brighton doesn't take part in, since he hates it). Twila also explains to them that she had a twin sister who was turned to stone due to her sins.

King Boo watches as Luigi, Toadette, Lemon and Bobbert all play Pass the Shell. He explains to Kamek and a Pink Boo that he is going to give BJ Toast a potion that will turn him evil. King Boo throws it through a window, onto BJ Toast, and presents Toadette, who won by cheating, a "very scary scream". Afterwards, BJ Toast, brainwashed by the potion, explains to everybody that they must complete challenges in order to live.

First, Kamek brings in an Dayzee and turns it into a giant. Mario and Daisy then appear and try attacking it with a Fire Flower. The two lose their powers after getting hit, but Daisy has a plan, and stares at it, which turns it back into normal, and the Dayzee joins their side. Angered, King Boo uses a potion which releases tons of Boos onto the stage.

Meanwhile, Toad, Rievoah, Brighton and Twila wall up a hill, to the Star Bank. They plan to put stars in it and release them into the sky, until they hear a lot of shouting from the party.

Everybody, meanwhile, keep running away from the Pink Boos. Rosalina, however, tells Luigi to use his vaccum that he was given by E. Gadd. The vaccum is struck by Kamek's magic, however, and create copies that Toadette, Toadokay, Lemon and Bobbert use to suck up the Boos. The last Boo almost grabs Peach until it is sucked away by Luigi, who is rewarded a kiss, much to Mario's jealousy.

BJ Toast then jumps onto King Boo, and tries to charge into everybody. However, the Dayzee jumps into King Boo and attacks the inside of him. King Boo, then retreats with Kamek and the Boos, and BJ Toast turns to his regular self. The Dayzee, however, was suffocated by King Boo and eventually dies. The lot then present a funeral the next day.

When Tiarer and Bobbert get back from the funeral, Rievoah whispers something in Tiarer's ear. Shocked, Tiarer attempts to warn her about various situations, but Rievoah just runs off, ignoring her.


Invitation Scene

  • BJ Toast; "Come along, all, to the brand new party in my house at 8 o'clock tonight!"
  • Tiarer; "What is it with you and being annoying?"
  • BJ Toast; "ANNOYING? Don't you mean AMAZING? I even plan for a talent show in March!"
  • Tiarer; "Is that in 2016?"
  • BJ Toast; "Uhhhh... Yes. We are in 2015, right?"


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