DJ Flask
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Go West, Orbital 2
Current Status Alive
First Appearance DJ Flask

DJ Flask (real name: Kae Peronel) is a 17-years old up and coming DJ from the space station known as Go West. An eccentric and friendly girl whom seeks to become a professional DJ in the future. She is the participant of the 108th DJMAX Competition, highly considered to be an underdog of the competition with good potentional.


Pre-108th DJMAX CompetitionEdit

During the 108th DJMAX CompetitionEdit



She is an average height person with semi-long hair covering one eye, with a pink coloration and slightly lighter pink streaks. She has blue eyes and a light brown skin tone. One of her arms is cybernetic, appearing as purple "solid data" surrounded by gray metal and with purple wires protruding from it.

Her usual outfit consists of headphones, a lavender tank top with a musical note emblem on it, ripped shorts and a belt, and green shoes with exceptionally high socks.


DJ PhytonEdit


  • Before Locky rebooted the character, he made another character in the Fantendo Forces, named DJ Risk was served as his original take on this character.