DJ Candy
Rinuyal Candy
DJ Candy, in her appearance from MySims.
Full Name DJ Candy
Gender Female
Class Human
Main Weapon(s) CD Discs (Worlds of Creation)
First Appearance MySims
Latest Appearance Worlds of Creation

DJ Candy "Supergroove" is a popular disc jockey from the MySims series of video games. She has an island named after her and is dedicated for what she does best, making music and throwing amazing parties. During the day, she is snoring away in her house getting ready for her all-night parties. She lives at her house called "DJ Candy's Place" located west on the island. Her assistants, Sapphire and the president of her fan club, Zack help her on the island and also sleep at day to rest until night. DJ Candy has been known for her dancing, her awesome parties, and her DJing.


Candy has short blond hair, which is never seen without her favorrite green headphones that match her eyes. She usually wears an orange turtleneck sweater, with a zipper that runs across, that bares her midriff, along with a light blue and white striped wristband on her right wrist that matches her shoes, and baggy green pants with star belt.


Worlds of CreationEdit

She is a downloadable character in the game. She can throw CDs at baddies, and jump a little higher than any other character.