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DDR: Ultranova is a Dance Dance Revolution game that will be on the Wii.


Not much is known, 1 of the things is that you have to beat "Crazed Remix" Mode to unlock the Music Editor, & "Venue Database" to unlock the Stage Builder. Note that all characters will be here from DDR: Hottest Party will be here, along with 2 NEW Characters

New Things

  • There is a new "Archive" Section that lets you play songs that was in DDR: Hottest Party.
  • Gimmick: Armour Step. You have to stomp on it hard to break it.
  • Music Editor
  • "Crazed Remix" Mode
  • Stage Builder; beat "Venue Database"
  • VENUE Builder; beat Crazed Remix Mode & Venue Database & Unlock 5 stuff in the Secrets Section.


  • Party Like A Rock Star from Shop Boyz
  • TOKYO Evolved", from NAOKIunderground; Remixed
  • "One Winged Angel" Kingdom Hearts 2

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