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This page ignores the existence of Zack Snyder's abomination of the DC Extended Universe.

The DC Cinematic Universe is a joint project between writers/directors Locky Lorean and Brandon Waroo to bring the DC Universe to the big screen, in the same style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was announced in 2016, alongside the announcement of Batman vs. Superman. There is one released movie with other 7 in planning stages.

The cinematic universe features Richard Madden as Clark Kent / Superman, Charlie Hunman as Bruce Wayne / Batman as well several unannounced actors to portray other DC heroes, such as Green Lantern, Green Arrow and The Flash. The cinematic universe sets the debut of several DC characters to the big screen, such as Wonder Woman, Nightwing and Carrie Kelley's Robin.


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Feature Films

Film U.S. release date Status
Batman vs. Superman
August 9th, 2016 Released
Batman: Riddles in the Dark
2016 Planning
Wonder Woman & The Justice Society 2017 Planning
Green Lanterns 2017 Planning
Green Arrow: The Outlaw Archer 2018 Planning
The Flash: Terminal Velocity 2018 Planning
Teen Titans (tentative title) 2019 Planning
Superman: New Krypton 2019 Planning
Suicide Squad (tentative title) 2020 Planning
Justice League (tentative title) 2020 Planning


  • Batman vs. Superman (2016)
  • Batman: Riddles in the Dark (2016)
    Returning to Gotham after the events of Batman vs. Superman, Bruce Wayne is being constantly taunted by a mysterious criminal who manages to escape before he can get to them and who leaves a riddle in the scene of the crime. In one of the crimes, the parents of an adolescent girl are murdered with the Batman being unable to stop it before it happens. Bruce later discovers that the adolescent girl is Carrie Kelley, a prodigy of Wayne Enterprises's Field of Technology. The two start to bond as the mysterious criminal now starts sending riddles to the Bat himself. With the help of Commissioner Gordon and Detective Vic Sage, they start to investigate. In the meanwhile, a young runaway kid is adopted by the leader of the League of Assassins and is being trained by him.
  • Wonder Woman & The Justice Society (2017)
    Diana of Themyscira, an Amazonian warrior, lives among other normal humans under the civilian name of Diana Prince in the 1940s. Disaster strikes after the Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese, with the U.S. entering World War II. Diana joins the army to fight against Baron Blitzkreig, a Nazi commander with a powerful armor who serves as a serious threat to the entire world. Diana fights alongside other heroes, such as Dinah Drake, Carter Hall, Jay Garrick and John Henry Irons, whom together forms the Justice Society of America.
  • Green Lanterns (2017)
    When the embodiment of fear, Parallax, threatens the galaxy, a team of up and coming members of the Green Lantern Corps team up to fight against the threat. The team is composed of John Stewart, the newest Green Lantern from Earth, a retired marine, Kilowog, the member with the appearance of a monster but with a heart of a gold, Feska, a single mother whom is socially awkward, Ch'p, an alien with an appearance of a squirrel, Isamot Kol, an alien with an appearance of a dinosaur whom enjoys battles and Tomar-Re, the wise and the mentor of the team. With the help of the superhero ghost, The Spectre, they battle to save the galaxy.
  • Green Arrow: The Outlaw Archer (2018)
    Criminal outlaw Roy Harper turns hero after making a deal with the mayor of Star City, whom will clear Roy of all of his crimes if he helps the Star City Police to take down the criminal organization within Star City. Encouraged by his daughter, Roy takes on the job and utilizes his powers to good as he travels around the city looking for the crime lord behind all the crimes in Star City, Brick.
  • The Flash: Terminal Velocity (2018)
    Wally West, an egoistical and womanizer teenager, gets involved in a freak accident, giving him the ability to utilize the Speed Force, giving him the ability to run really fast. Using his new powers, Wally gets in trouble, until someone with similar powers to his comes to him to put him in line, the man known as Jay Garrick, a World War II hero and the previous Flash. With the help of Jay, Wally learns how to control and use his powers to its full potentional. Wally has to fight against the criminal trio of Captain Cold, Golden Glider and Heat Wave, with the assistance of his girlfriend and scientist Linda Parker, Hartley Hartway, former enemy of Jay and Jay Garrick.
  • Teen Titans (2019)
    Yet to be planned. It will feature Liam Jones as Nightwing and there has been plans to include Cyborg.
  • Superman: New Krypton (2019)
    After the destruction of Krypton, General Zod and several of his army members escaped the planet and followed the escape pod of one of the survivors of the destruction, Kal-El. After Kal-El's pod lands on Earth, Zod studies him to learn about his weaknesses, as he predicts Kal-El will become Earth's strongest warrior. After Kal-El grows up and becomes Superman, Zod sets his plan in motion by trapping Kal-El in a pocket dimension and turning Earth into the new Krypton. It is a matter of time to Superman to escape the dimension and defeat Zod.
  • Suicide Squad (2020)
    Yet to be planned.

Television Series

Series Seasons Episodes Channel Status
Gotham Academy TBA TBA CBS Planning
The Outlaws TBA TBA CBS Planning
Static Shock TBA TBA Netflix Planning


  • Gotham Academy: Living in Gotham isn't simple. Olive Sherlock, a girl who blames Batman for arresting her mother and sending her to Arkham Asylum, enlists herself in Gotham's most prestigious school, Gotham Academy. Olive quickly learns that like the rest of Gotham, Gotham Academy is a place full of crazy individuals and sets off to investigate a mysterious "Order of the Bat" cult hidden within the academy.
  • The Outlaws: Jason Todd didn't had a great life. After a rough childhood, he was adopted by crime and became the feared Red Hood. Starting his life as an outlaw, Jason Todd sees that he cannot do the job alone and so he breaks into Arkham Asylum and rescues two people there: Jenna Duffy, the Carpenter and Garfield Lynn, the Firefly. Forming a pact with the two, Jason begins his crime group, which is seen as a potentional threat to Gotham by the police force and as a possible business threat to the crime lord of Gotham, the Penguin.
Production Company Stardust Citadel
Movies DC Cinematic Universe (& Sr.Wario (tbc))

Batman vs. Superman
Batman: Riddles in the Dark
Wonder Woman & The Justice Society
Green Lanterns
Green Arrow: The Outlaw Archer
The Flash: Terminal Velocity
Teen Titans
Superman: New Krypton
Suicide Squad

Eternikaverse Hama the Mercenary (comic)
Hama & Corshama (comic)
Fantendo Forces: BioGen (animated film)
Eternika (game)
Other Projects Sonic the Hedgehog: Remastered
Sonic: 25 Years Later
Kirby: Odyssey of Dreams

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