DARK  is a tenth-generation console produced by  Okami Studios. The console was the first console to be confirmed as a tenth-gen console. Released in 2024, the first games on the console where made by Nintendo and Bandai Namco and later developed into Mojang games. The sequel to DARK, DARK II, was released a decade later.


New gaming company, Okami Studios, begun plans with Nintendo to make a next-gen gaming console in 2021. The console was originally going to be an 'old-school' style with modern twists. The ideas were developed and eventually the idea was confirmed. "The console would have many compatible features, including a small GamePad style controller about the same size as the lower part of a 3DS" Chihiro Atsukishi tells Spanish gaming magazine, GameEspagne. Later that year, the console was announced to the public on OkamiDirect and Nintendo Direct and furthermore seven games were announced with the consoles. The download speeds are ten times faster than the Wii U and there is a compatible movement sensor which can be used for physical games such as WiiFit U and JustDance25.

The gaming consoles colour is navy blue or black, suiting the name: DARK. The consoles controller, which comes with the console, is the GameCube styled controller, now known as ctDARK. Which stands for Control the Dark. Later on in development, the developers confirmed internet browsing, YouTube and DARKshop. The menu style can be changed and the background as well. The kisekae features from the New! 3DS, are used on the controller. The console is compatible with Nintendo Wii games, Wii U games and WiiX games, as well as Gamecube games. The WiFi features allows any handhelds from the 3DS series can also be used as controllers, as long as they have DARKUpdate. 


Released in 2024 worldwide, the console was released first in Western Europe, with Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Ireland and the UK getting it first. Closely followed by Germany, Austria, Italy and San Marino and the rest of Europe. After two months, the console was fit for Asian release, with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan getting the first shares and a couple of days after, China, India and the South East got the game, and furthermore, the Middle East. One further month and the console had been optimized for North American and Australian release with Canada and Australia getting theres before the U.S.. The following weekend, the console was released in the U.S. and Mexico. 

The strongest sales for the console were in the U.S. and Japan who together made a profit of 250,000,000$ (29,403,750,000¥, £165,071,142), each selling at 123$ (£81.22, 14,446¥), what could be considered cheap in the market of that time.

Critically the console did very well, with the average rating for the console being 8.9/10. The console recieved comments complimenting the games quick speeds, stunning graphics and quirky games. Another thing which was complimented was it's use of space. "The hole console seems very spaced out, but not to the extent where it looks inappropriate for a console" says James Worthing "Nothing looks cramped nor bland. The layout is divine". The system also comes with a free OkaNime account, which allows you to watch any anime related to Okami or Nintendo.


The first games on the DARK console were only Nintendo and Okami games, but as the popularity of the console became more apparent, more and more third-party developers decided to put there games on the console, i.e. Bandai Namco and Mojang. Furthermore, a total of 27 games were released in the first year of it's release. The new games include games from series of which have already been introduced, with the first Animal Crossing since the Wii U being released alongside Super Smash Bros. and Kirby.

Games of 2024

Name Release Date Developer Notes
MarioKart 15th May 2024 Nintendo Formerly Mario Kart, the game was restyled for DARK.
Kirby Fantasy 15th May 2024 Nintendo
Just Dance 2024 15th May 2024 Ubisoft
Earthbound Z 16th May 2024 Nintendo Mother Z in Japan.
Mega Man: Dark Dimension 16th May 2024 Nintendo
Tomodachi Life E+ 17th May 2024 Nintendo Tomodachi Collection E+ in Japan
Final Fantasy 20th May 2024 SquareEnix
Final Fantasy collection 28th May 2024 SquareEnix Contains Final Fantasy II through XV
Super Mario Bros. 5 1st June 2024 Nintendo
Minecraft II 5th June 2024 Mojang/Microsoft First DARKshop release.
Brain Age 7 6th June 2024 Nintendo Second DARKshop release.
Legend of Zelda: Temple of Darkness 25th June 2024 Nintendo
DisneyMemories Swap 14th July 2024 Disney Gaming Corp. DARKshop release only.
DisneyMemories I 14th July 2024 Disney Gaming Corp. Puzzle game
Stronghold 4 18th July 2024 Firefly Studios
MySims 31st July 2024 Okami Gaming Inc.  Reboot of former-EA life simulation game MySims
Luigi Mansion 5 1st September 2024 Nintendo
Killer Instinct 2 23rd September 2024 Rare
Bloodborne 2 1st October 2024 Japan Studio
Super Mario Galaxy: Remake 2nd October 2024 Nintendo
R.O.B. 5th October 2024 Nintendo
Resident Evil 8th October 2024 Capcom
Journey DARK 16th November 2024 thatgamecompany Sequel to Journey
DARK 1st December 2024 Okami Gaming Inc. Online creation game exclusive to DARK
Remember 4th December 2024 Okami Gaming Inc.
SimCity DARK 6th December 2024 Okami Gaming Inc. EA's former franchise, taken over by Okami.
EuroBattle 31st December 2024 Okami Gaming Inc.

Football (Soccer) simulator


Name Release Date Developer Notes
Final Fantasy XVI 4th January 2025 SquareEnix

Was to be part of the Final Fantasy collection from 2024.

DARKfitness 5th January 2025 Okami Gaming Inc.
FashionResort 7th January 2025 Urukai-o 
KOed 17th January 2025 KO EDUCATION
MiiSports 20th January 2025 Nintendo Continued from the Wii Sports
The World Ends With You (Remake) 31st January 2025 SquareEnix
Advance Wars: The Later Days 7th February 2025 Intelligent Systems
DS Medley 6th March 2025 Nintendo Contains: New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.
Nintendogs DS (Remake) 8th March 2025 Nintendo DS Remake Corporation Used in order to excite customers in to buying Nintendogs NG.
McDonald's Simulator 24th March 2025 McDonald's/Okami Gaming Inc.
R.O.B. Medley 1st April 2025 Nintendo Comes with Nintendo R.O.B. controller.
Nintendogs 11th April 2025 Nintendo
Cooking Mama: Cook TV 1st May 2025 Office Create
Super Mario Galaxy 5 6th May 2025 Nintendo
Yoshi's Woollen Island 2 12th May 2025 Nintendo
Kirby Fantasy II 16th May 2025 Nintendo
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 2.0. 19th May 2025 Nintendo Sequel to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker from 2014
MiiParty Dark 3rd June 2025 Nintendo
Just Dance 2025 18th July 2025 Ubisoft
Game & Watch Medley 1st August 2025 Nintendo
Badiminion 5th August 2025 SquareEnix
Dexter 14th September 2025 thatgamecompany
Sims 6 5th November 2025 Electronic Arts
MySims Agents 2 17th November 2025 Okami Studios Inc.
Pokemon Art Academy 4th December 2025 Nintendo
Mirror's Edge 7 5th December 2025 Okami Studios Inc.
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2025 10th December 2025 Atari Studios
PAC-MAN 11th December 2025 Bandai Namco
MiiParty 2 17th December 2025 Nintendo


20th December 2025 Bandai Namco
MetroidSeris 22nd December 2025 Nintendo
ZombiDARK 23th December 2025 Nintendo

Key games in later years

Name Release Date Developer Notes
Animal Crossing: Sea Life June 28th 2026 Okami Studios Inc./Nintendo Second game developed by Okami and Nintendo
Super Smash Bros. 8 November 2nd 2026 Nintendo
Mario Party 19 May 6th 2027 Nintendo
Koopalings July 7th 2027 Nintendo
MiiSports Resort December 16th 2027 Nintendo
MySims Worlds 4th June 2028 Okami Studios Inc.
Pilotwings Resort December 8th 2028 SquareEnix/Nintendo


The DARK 2 was released on the 16th December 2029.

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