Here the list of all the tasks and awards from D-Zolt, this is only available at the Wii U version.


Award Icon Task Name What to do?
DVoltA1 "The Starting Point" Beat the first level, Electric Fields.
DZoltA2 "Easy Clouds" Beat Volting Clouds level.
DZoltA3 "Zapping through the Factory" Beat the Zap Factory level.
DZoltA4 "Fire Master" Beat the Burning Volcano level.
DZoltA5 "Light in the Dark" Beat the Dark Woods level.
DZoltA6 "Water isn't a problem" Beat the Undersea Mines level.
DZoltA7 "Rocking the Mine" Beat the Rocky Caves level.
DZoltA8 "Co-op Gamer" Beat all the multiplayer exclusive levels.
DZoltA9 "U Gamer" Beat the two Wii U exclusive levels.
DZoltA10 "The End" Beat the last level, Doctor Sparot's Hideout.
DZoltA11 "Battery Collector" Collect all the 271 batteries.
DZoltA12 "It isn't a secret to everyone" Find the 272th battery.
DZoltA13 "Gap's Journey"

Beat the game as Gap.

DZoltA14 "God of Electric" Defeat all the enemies from all the levels.
DZoltA15 "Help of the Hinter" Buy all the hints from Cyro.
"The Strong Thunder" Beat all the bosses.
"At Thunderbolt's Speed" Beat the game in less 3 hours.
"No Boss is hard for Zap" Complete Boss Rush on Very Hard difficulty.
"Volting Together!" Beat the game 101%
"Like a Plumber" Defeat 10 enemies by jumping on them.
"Pacifist" Don't kill any enemy in the game.
"The Highest Point" Reach at 99 lives.
"1st at the Leaderboards" Get 99.999 points.
"Zolt Fanatic" Beat the game three times.
"Too Fast and Too Hard!" Complete Boss Rush on Extreme Difficulty with less of three hours.
"A Winner is You!" Get all the awards.

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