D'Angelo: Round 2 is the seventh episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It follows the team as they take on Mr. D'Angelo.


The episode picks up from Strike of Santolio, with Flynn going into the headquarters of The Other Heroes to help them out. Jess attempts to stop her anger and ends up coming off as passive aggressive instead. Jerry tells Flynn to just ignore Jess if her heartbeat was audible as she will most likely get angered. While flicking through channels on the TV, Blaze flicks over a news channel reporting from Los Angeles and flicks back. The headline reads "UNKNOWN MENACE RETURNS". She panics and goes to tell the others what's happening. After a while of discussing what to do, they all eventually agree to go to Los Angeles.

Upon eventually arriving in L.A., Blaze spots out Mr. D'Angelo almost right away. Blaze seems to make an eyepiece come out of her skull and scouts out talent to help them out and comes across Laura Palmer. She scouts out the elements she has but also picks up the fact that her heart is weak. She walks up to Laura to see if she'll help and she agrees. She also scouts out Carli Bailey, of whom saved the world from Mr. D'Angelo's plans previously. Blaze takes the duo back to where the team is and they all help get them prepared for battle, which Carli replies to with "Are we really going through this again?"








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