These are items in Cyrun.


Rarity Rating

  • ITS EVERYWHERE = 99.99% Chance
  • Super Common = 75% Chance
  • Very Common = 55% Chance
  • Common = 45% Chance
  • Uncommon = 31% Chance
  • Rare = 27% Chance
  • Very Rare = 19% Chance
  • Super Rare = 14% Chance
  • Insanely Rare = 8% Chance
  • Uber Rare = 3% Chance
  • Pretty Much Nonexistent = 0.5% Chance


Image Name Use Sell For Rarity Duration Other
Pizza +75 HP 10 Coins Rare Instant Can be crafted as well.
Milk Disables harmful effects. 10 Coins Common 15 seconds Can be crafted as well.
Cookie +15 HP 2 Coins Very Common Instant
Beef x2 damage 25 Coins Very Rare 7 seconds
Beet 50% more damage. 7 Coins Rare 5 seconds
Can 'O Spam x2 speed 12 Coins Uncommon 19 seconds Can also be crafted.
Ghost Chili Turns you invisible. 25 Coins Very Rare 30 seconds
Dash Pepper x3 speed 16 Coins Very Rare 15 seconds
Rage Chili x5 Damage 50 Coins Super Rare 7 seconds
Carrot x2 Range 15 Coins Uncommon 5 Seconds
Bean 50% more speed. 2 Coins Common 14 seconds



Image Name Found Wielded By Damage Range Effects Scrap for Other
Leaf Blower Suspic Alley Aera 15 5 N/A 6 leaves Shoots 7 shots in random directions.
Applejackhammer Waffle Street Coco 30 per second. Melee N/A 1 apple
BoltFire Isles 'O Cactus Ignis 75 5


Target takes 25 extra damage per second for 5 seconds.

Old Bow 1.4 second firing speed.
Starchery Main Vacuole Ignis 125 9 Burn 6 Potatoes 4.4 second firing speed.
Zolta Sling Test Lab 17 Tako 10-40 4 Paralyze 1 Laser Core

The longer not used, the more damage.

1.4 second firing speed.

Legendary Items

Image Name Found Wielded By Damage Range Effects Other
Aloominati Confirmer Beat Triangulum to receive. Ignis Multiples of 7.


Target is revealed to be in the Illuminati.

Firing Speed: 3 seconds.

Crafting Materials

Image Name Rarity Found Sell For Other
Stick Very Common Wooded areas 1 Coin
Leaf Very Common Wooded areas 1 Coin
Stone Very Common Caves, mountains 2 Coins
Citrus Common Wooded areas 5 Coins Can be considered a consumable. +15 HP
Sand Super Common Coast 1 Coin
Iron Ore Uncommon Caves 15 Coins
Gold Ore Super Rare Caves 50 Coins
Cobalt Uncommon Caves, mountains 5 Coins
Copper Ore Uncommon Caves 10 Coins
Bean Common Wooded areas. 2 Coins. Also a consumable; 50% speed for 14 seconds.
Laser Core Uncommon Technological areas 25 Coins


Crafting Materials

Image Name Crafting Recipe Sell For Other
Glass Vial 5 Sand 5 Coins
Paper 8 leaves 5 Coins


Image Name Use Sell For Crafting Recipe Duration Other
Lemonade +25 HP 5 Coins 6 Citrus, 1 Glass Vial Instant
Pizza +75 HP 10 Coins 2 bread, 3 cheese, 3 tomatoes. Instant Also can be found



Image Name Crafting Recipe Wielded by Damage Range Effects Other
Laser Bean

8 Beans

1 Laser Core

Ignis 75 N/A 2.8 second firing speed.

6 Iron ingots

2 Sticks

Coco 75 Melee Stun 0.7 second firing speed

15 Sand

1 Glass Vial

2 Iron Ingots

Aera 20 3 Stun, Blind

Fires out 7 shots, cockeyed.

Firing Speed: 1.4 seconds.


Crafting Materials

Image Name Sell For Item required Other
Iron Ingot 35 Coins Iron ore
Gold Ingot 90 Coins Gold ore
Copper Ingot 25 Coins Coppe ore


Image Name Use Sell For Item required Duration Other

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