Cynder is a white grey Valkarie who serves as an ally in Skip and Sqak 2. She is Skip's girlfriend and speaks in an adorable British-French accent. At first, she and Skip were rivals, but they became love birds since. She is also the only survivor of a car crash, since her parents died in the incident.

Skip and Sqak 2

Cynder is first seen in the the cellar of the Road Hog Bar with the underground gang while Java took Skip, Sqak, Croco, Dib, Imp, Roshan, Cheatsy and Tubby after they didn't pay for his beer. Cynder bakes a pie for Java, but it gets eaten by a hungery Dib and Skip and Sqak accidentaly threw the rest of it at her face, with everyone laughing at her. Upset, Cynder turns into a dark ferocious beast and attacks the gang until Java came to the scene. Seeing Java, Cynder collapses and breaks down in tears as she tells Java what the gang were doing.

A lot of people hate Cynder, because she turns into a a beast whenever she is Angry, Stressed, or Scared due to the Dark Iku inside her so she thinks that if she wins the Hover Race Tournament, people will love her.

When they were done building the Hover Car, Cynder was horrified when the Hover Car was destroyed by Skip, who was told by Akutio that the Pasiku's will destroy Cynder because she's a "Dark Iku Freak", and that Java was actually behind the operation to drain the Iku with syphon machines. Cynder was so upset about Java betraying them, she began barfing at first and has a terrible depression, so she stays behind while the gang go out for Java.

Later, Cynder gets over her depression and attacks Java in his lab. However, when she learned Java was trying to help her she tried to rescue him from the exploding lab but the gang

Skip also finds out what Akutio is up to and gets the broken Hover Car fixed by Dr. Tron. With the Hover Car fixed, the SSFF let Cynder ride the tournament.drag her back to the ship, leaving Java to die from the explosion. Cynder suffers a meltdown and tries to commit suicide by binding herself in chains inside her locked room to starve to death. Selena and Skip comfort her and she begins to feel more happier.

At the race, Cynder finds out Akutio is actually JoJo The Chameleon in disguise and fights him along with her friends. When the wish bubble the gang need to get home goes to the Dark Iku castle, the SSFF confront Dark JoJo who soon gets killed by the Light Iku Beam.

At the end, Cynder and Skip share their first kiss.


Cynder is a Valkyrie with white grey skin with yellow hair in 2 buns. She has yellow eyes and blue eye lids. Her outfit looks familiar to Adolph Hitler. She wears a Pink Officer Cap on her head, Black rubber gloves, Pink Leather Jacket tucked into Pink Trousers held by a Black Belt with a yellow buckle at the center, and Black Rubber Boots.


  • She is so far the only character in a Skip and Sqak game to attempt suicide.

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