Deathkill. You shall be DESTROYED!
Cylon, Cylon the Raven (Game)

Cylon the Raven
Cylon, Master of Air
Full Name Cylon the Raven
Current Age 12
Gender Male
Species Raven
Location Unknown
Class Elemental Master
Ability/ies Hurricaneikinesis
 Cylon the Raven is an anthropomorphic cyan raven. He is an Elemental Master and the Master of the Air. He is the only one to be able to use the power of Hurrikinesis, the power of controlling the wind.


Cylon the Raven

This is Cylon's first game and happens in the Sol Dimension.


  • Appeareantly, according to Mixxmasta, the creator of Cylon, he was originally ment to be the brother of Silver the Hedgehog.
  • His name comes from to different reasons. One is a pun on the colour he is, Cyan. The other is a pun on Cyclones, a name for a tornado-like vortex.