Cyborg 7

I'm the ultimate creation, C7. I have all the abilities of Mario, Luigi and co... but I guess I can help you.
C7 to Luigi

C7 or Zane is the 7 bio-organic machine created by Bowser to seek vengeance against Mario. Unlike his earlier counterparts who either malfunctioned or self destructed, he is the first and so far only successful creation in his series making him the ultimate creation. Zane/C7 would later appear in Super Mario Bowser's Uprising as the main boss of the final world. After his defeat, he leaves Bowser's army and moves to the outskirts of Sulena. He also appears as a hero in Mario and Luigi Tales of Sulena.

Class Cyborg
Hometown Mushroom Kingdom
Relatives Bowser (Creator)


Zane is a very arrogant and selfish person. He can be very spiteful at times and often taunts or mocks someone for being fully organic/imperfect. His personality seems to change in his second appearance though as he is more careful of what he says, he also seems to be more selfless but more childish.


Super Mario Bowser's Uprising

Zane appears as the final boss of the game. He is very powerful but with the help of the badge of courage his most dangerous attacks should be easy to avoid.

Mario and Luigi Tales of Sulena

he appears as a hero in this game after you find his cottage in the woods. He is an optional partner though and will refuse to join until you bring him a certain item.

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