Cyber Wars
Developer(s) Legend Story Team
Publisher(s) Legend
Platform(s) LHC 3DS
Release Date(s)
Usa: May 30th 20XX

Jap/Eur: July 25 20XX

I-IV multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) FPS TPS
Media Included Video Game
Cyber Wars is a First/ Third Person Shooter game Developed by Legend Story Team. It was Legends First Third person shooter Game.


Gamplay is the same on both sides. It is Third Person out of combat and First Person In it.


1000 years after the main events of Legend….

Two space ships crash on a mysterious and jungle-like planet. On one space ship we see that “Chief” has lead his team into combat but was sucked into a black hole and transported to this strange planet. While on the other, Tyrant Lonis was trying to escape “The Battle” When he hit a warp hole. Both sides begin to investigate there surroundings. Then Long-blast finds Warptouch (Who is with the Tyrant Lonis) and fires at him. The two then battle causing racket and both sides go and discover the other side. We then learn that the Legends (Chief’s Side) has been battling the Venisons (Lonis’s side) for many years now. We learn that Chief and his crew were sent to capture Lonis in battle to end the war for the Legends. But Lonis escaped, which leads to these events. The two sides Upgrade to battle mode and begin fighting.

The Story is devided up into "Episodes" of the game.


Legends (Good) Ani-Race (Dark

Chief Lonis

Hevy Lift Warptouch

Speedstar Stingray


Lock On