Cutlass and the Seven Seas

This game was created by NanoPower512

Cutlass and the Seven Seas is a platform game developed by Nano Studios


Cutlass and the Seven Seas is a side-scrolling platform game in which players navigate stages as one of two characters (either Cutlass or Leopold) from a third-person perspective. The player can move from level to level via an overworld screen, between the Seven Seas which contain many islands and more inside them.


Grey Sea

Name Description
Balmy Bay A serene, quiet level on the shore of Balmy Island. There is some simple platforming, and Cutlass's basic mechanics are taught to the player.
The Cerulean Temple At the beginning of the level, the player enters the ruins of a great temple, falling apart. Leopold decides to head back to the ship as Cutlass ventures deeper and deeper within the temple before falling through a cracked floor, and encountering the enchanted Cerulean Scroll which grants Cutlass with her water powers. The end of the level is the temple finally giving out, with Cutlass barely escaping the collapsing ruins.