Would you go to the end of the Earth for your life?



Cutlass Silver has a debt to settle with the devil of the sea, Davy Jones. She is tasked with recruiting a crew and travelling around the world to collect the fabled Devil's Coins for him, in exchange for her life.


The Crew

Character Description
Cutlass series While sharp-witted and cunning, Cutlass Silver is an impetuous and flirty woman who lives for the rush of adrenaline that comes with being a pirate- unfortunately most often coming at the expense of the people around her. She is quite selfish and mostly cares about herself. She made a deal with Davy Jones to stay alive as long as she took care of his ship, but when the ship is accidentally wrecked she has to recollect his lost Devil's Coins. As long as she benefits, she cares very little about anyone else.
Leopold (Cutlass Series) Leopold is the ship's "cabin boy", running small errands for the entire crew- essentially doing any spare jobs. Leopold couldn't find any work due to his sickly appearance which made any of his employers believe he might have the plague or worse, and only joined the crew because they were the only people who would accept him. He is not respected by any of the other members of the crew, due to being merely the cabin boy. He is the least horrible member of the crew, his morals the least askew. However, he is spineless and very feeble, almost to the point of being afraid of his own shadow. His fears sometimes cloud his judgment and allow him to make horrible decisions.
Kymani Kymani is a disgruntled and ill-mannered pirate, and is known for his somewhat shady and untrustworthy record. However, he is excellent at what he does and helps Cutlass gather up a crew. His discourteous nature and sharp tongue make him hell to be around.