Cutlass Silver
Cutlass Attempt 2
Cutlass Silver, the most troublesome pirate on the seven seas.
Full Name Cutlass Silver
Gender Female
Location TBA
Class Anti-Hero
First Appearance Cutlass and the Seven Seas (first official appearance)

Cutlass Silver is an infamous pirate and occasional bounty hunter and the protagonist of Cutlass and the Seven Seas. Raised on the streets without any family, she often stole from other people and regularly scrapped with people for almost no reason at all. Ever since she was a child, she dreamed about sailing around the world and one day stole a boat and took off. Accompanied by her self-conscious and timorous first mate, Leopold Steadfast, they sail around the world looking for trouble.

In the game, she is seen looking for an extremely valuable scroll for a deal she made, which, into contact with the scroll, allowed her to manipulate water for practical uses- realizing this could result in the biggest score in her life, she breaks the conditions of her agreement and takes the scroll for herself and ventures off to look for the other six. She is shown to be an exceptionally experienced fighter, skilled with sharp daggers mostly.


She is an extremely rambunctious person, often high-spirited and exuberant. Loud and boisterous, she can come off as coarse, impolite and unmannerly due to her lack of parental guidancd growing up. Cutlass yearns for adventure, and actively seeks it- even putting her own life as well as her first mate Leopold's at risk just to receive it. She is well-adjusted to the pirate lifestyle: heavily drinking beer in taverns, getting into fights with other pirates and plundering whoever whenever she wants.

She is somewhat selfish, betraying deals with powerful people without any regard for anyone but herself, and slightly impetuous, sometimes rushing into situations without any plan of action. She has Leopold, the closest thing she has to a friend, do whatever she says but, although she doesn't like to admit it, she has a soft spot for him, admiring his (albeit hesitant) loyalty, which is why she hasn't ditched him.

However, despite her impetuous and careless attitude, she is a fast-thinker and can be extremely witty at times. Always enthusiastic, she loves adventure and is always courageous and excited. She's charismatic, able to trick and deceive others with words, although she's not above seducing men with her good looks to get what she wants. She's extremely skilled in fighting, getting into many fights with many different people, and has developed an attachment to her double-edged spear, whixh she can split into two seperate daggers. When finding out she could manipulate water after coming into contact with an enchanted scroll, she quickly used this to her advantage.


She is a brown-haired woman with sea-blue eyes and tanned skin. For some unexplained reason, when she touched the enchanted water scroll, she gained an unusual blue scar underneath her right eye.

She wears a short blue long-sleeved shirt, one of the sleeves ripped. The part of the ripped sleeve missing is located wrapped around her knee- the faint blush of red on the sleeve indicates it was used to treat a wound of some sort.


Leopold Steadfast



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