Custodia's appearance
Full Name Custodia Regis
Current Age 115
Gender Male
Species Unknown, likely Genetically-Enhanced
Align Lawful-Good
The Universal Police Force
Main Weapon(s) Custodia's Blade
Height 7.91m
Custodia Regis is the King of the Universal Police Force, the Universe's protection against self-universe inflicted crimes. Custodia has gone on record stating that he does not intend to turn the Universal Police Force into a military of any kind and will not involve themselves in any multiversal crimes.


Custodia is a very large Humanoid creature with clawed hands. Not much is known about his anatomy aside from his distinct long tail which and two dark horns which have glowing patches on them. Custodia appears to wear a large helmet with an ornate facepiece on. He wears a specialized chainmail armour that is made from nanofibres although has plated armour covering other parts of his body to provide extra defense. He has two large shoulder spikes and gauntlet-like armour for his lower arm. These two pieces of Armour have Gold rims around them and the Gauntlets have Blue orbs on them which are believed to be used for Telekinesis. Custodia has a three-layered Chest Plate Armour which has a small golden neckpiece, a larger light grey Torso plate and a Dark Grey Body Plate. He also wears ornate leg armour that has an intervaling pattern of Gold and Grey throughout. His feet are hidden by large plate boots which make it uncertain not only how many toes Custodia has but if he has any at all.

Custodia is also seen wielding what is known as Custodia's Blade, a massive longsword that is energized by Custodia causing it to unleash a burst of energy when he slashes.


Custodia appears to have a controlled personality as he has shown several traits of being brainwashed. He is very stern to anyone he meets and although capable of expliciting gratitude he seems to have a lack of happiness, in addition he cares little about an individuals personal life and only slightly more about their well-being, he directly avoids harming innocents as much as possible although is relentless against criminals, some have described Custodia's actions as unecessarily violent and cruel with him regularly resorting to breaking bones or tearing limbs off in interrogation. Custodia values his colleagues however and is shown to exhibit some form of rage when a criminal injures his colleagues.


Custodia is the 181st King of the Universal Police Force and the third youngest to reach such an honour. Custodia's life since his youth has primarily revolved around the Universal Police Force with his father being the 177th King of the Universal Police Force and his mother being the current CEO of Communications for the Universal Police Force. Custodia according to his record has had a perfect success rate through the Academy being one of nine students from his year to pass.

Custodia spent the next 30 years of his life working his way up through the ranks of the Universal Police Force eventually reaching the rank of King. As King, Custodia has been directly involved in stopping numerous universal crimes, including stopping a Drug Cartel that had been illegally selling crushed Popox Spores in the Hoag's Object Galaxy. Custodia was also directly involved in taking down a self-replicating Nanosphere that was found orbiting numerous galaxies.

In his recent past, Custodia has taken over the investigation of a mysterious individual known as Judge whom had been terrorizing and stealing numerous artifacts, objects and miscellaneous from across the Universe. Custodia has been hunting Judge for approximately 4 months now and has had 27 encounters with the individual. Custodia has been forced to use a special Unit known as the Sub-Spear Unit, a group of Androids capable of detecting Shape-Shifters like Judge. 


  • Custodia is a cyclops, this is hard to tell from his appearance although his eye is actually located towards the bottom of his head and can be seen through his helmet.
  • Custodia's Blade is unbreakable, this is due to it having self-repairing nano-machines inside it that hold the metal together, in addition the metal itself can only be damage by a force equivalent to a Super Black Hole

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