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Curve Bro.

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Curve Bro.
A Curve Bro preparing to throw a large boomerang.
Species Origin Boomerang Bro.
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Koopa Troop
Curve Bros. are a more obese Boomerang Bro. subspecies. They attack by throwing large boomerangs. Because of their girth, Curve Bros. can cause quakes by stomping the ground, temporarily paralyzing Mario.


Yoshi's Story 3

Sledge boomerang bro

A Sumo-rang Bro.

Curve Bros. appear in Yoshi's Story 3 in 3-2 Boomerangers and 7-1 Sledgers. In this game, they were known as Sumorang Bros..

Kirby: Mario Adventure

Curve Bro. is the mid-boss for the Cutter ability.

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