Cursed Labyrinth is a platformer game made for the Super NES by BreakfastSquad and published by Fantendo on October 17th, 1991. The game follows the adventures of Adamu, an adventurer, in the Cursed Labyrinth.


The game plays similar to Kid Icarus, except it has many different endings and paths, it goes sideways as well as upwards, and there are new enemies characters, and areas, as well as a new maze and no set levels.


  • A - Jump
  • B - Attack
  • X - Magic Menu
  • Y - Item Menu
  • Start - Pause
  • Select - Equip Menu
  • L/R - Collect Item


  • Shop - Adamu can find items here. Each item costs a specific number of gold.
    • Underground Labyrinth Items - Fireball Spell (300 Gold) | Throwing Dagger (100 Gold) | Whip (900 Gold) | Ice Spell (300 Gold) | Cleats (600 Gold) | Band-aid (1 Gold)
    • Aboveground Items - Destructo Spell (1,000 Gold) | Laser Blade (600 Gold) | All-Seeing Whip (1,300 Gold) | Comet Spell (1,000 Gold) | Supersonic Cleats (1,200 Gold) | Heal Spell (100 Gold)
  • Gnome Hut - A hut will save Adamu's game. These can only be found in the Underground Labyrinth.
    • Fortune Teller - A Fortune Teller is a Gnome's Hut for the Aboveground. Also gives hints.
    • Mine Shaft - A Gnome Hut for The Underworld. There's a 1/900 chance that the player will get the Holy Excalibur when visiting.
  • Teleporter - Teleports Adamu to a random area ahead. They are only able to be found by using the Cleats to break the floor.

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