Curly Story: Deluxe Edition is a game in the Cave Story series. It expands on the Curly Story mode from Cave Story (WiiWare) and Cave Story (DSiWare).


In the Sand Zone, a duo of robots is separated by the harsh sandstorms and monsters...

Curly Brace wakes up in the Sand Zone without any memory of her name. She soon takes in a family of children called the Colons...

One day the teleporters in the Sand Zone are working again. Curly goes down to see what's coming through...

The game begins here and follows the plot of Cave Story, from Curly's side, until the end...

Curly, Quote, and Balrog have found a home in the mountains... Curly steps outside and sees the Frog Artifact, an old amulet from a previous demon crown owner...

The game continues here...


  • Curly Story
    • Easy
    • Normal
    • Hard (Beat the Original part of the game on Easy/Normal to unlock)
  • Boss Rush (Beat the game to unlock)
  • Quote Story (Beat the Original part of the game to unlock)
  • Time Attack (Beat the game to unlock)


  • Preliminary: When Kazuma asks you if you want to leave the island, say yes.
  • Basic: Defeat The Undead Core and flee the island.
  • Secret: Defeat Ballos in the Blood-Stained Sanctuary. (This ending is not a true ending, as the game continues afterwards if you load your file. Getting this ending counts as beating the Original part of the game.)
  • Final: Load your file after you get the Secret ending and play through the rest of the game.

Quote can play any of these endings in Quote Story, though no rewards are unlocked for doing so.

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