Cult is a first-person shooter developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the PC, Wii U, Hybrid Fusion and NextGen Bluevolt. It comes packaged with a separate multiplayer component, Cult Arena.


The year is 2162 AD. Vivian Banes is an ex-Marine, and citizen of the fourth colony on the planet Atlas, a single mother living with her daughter Autumn. She witnesses the kidnapping of her daughter by a cult she believes to be based in the abandoned first colony.

Atlas Colony 4

As Vivian is preparing to leave the colony (after grabbing the Sunflower, a chainsaw-like weapon she had kept from her time as a Marine), the city suddenly comes under attack by soldiers from Atlas Colony 5.


  • Sunflower: A chainsaw-like device shaped like a flower, with the petals serving as blades. Can be upgraded to be thrown like a boomerang, and to serve as a flamethrower.
  • Colony 5 Rifle: A standard assault rifle, used by the soldiers from Atlas Colony 5. Can be upgraded to electrify the bullets, and for that electricity to jump to nearby targets when an enemy is shot.


  • Atlas Colony 1 - The first colony, it was abandoned after attacks from the planet's native human population.
  • Atlas Colony 2 - The second colony, it was abandoned when it's proximity to the habitats of various dangerous animals was discovered.
  • Atlas Colony 3 - The third colony, it was destroyed when the cave system it had been built on top of collapsed.
  • Atlas Colony 4 - The fourth and only remaining ground-based colony, it falls under attack from Colony 5 soldiers.
  • Atlas Colony 5 - The latest colony, it had advanced technology installed that allowed the entire colony to float in mid-air. Soldiers from the colony make regular trips to the planet's surface to collect supplies.


  • Colony 5 Soldier: Soldiers from Colony 5, who would typically be acting as security for the colony or collecting resources from the planet below but have now, for whatever reason, been sent to wipe out Colony 4.

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